10 Major Benefits of Using Promotional Videos

benfits of promotional videos

Video is an Important form of B2C and B2B Marketing, as consumers prefer watching a video than reading about a product. It helps audience to grasp things quickly and visualise the information. Each month youtube platform is said to receive nearly 1 billon videos.

Today every business irrespective of the domain they are into spends money & strives to make innovative videos in various concepts that would help them differentiate their brand in the crowded Marketplace.

Benefits of a Promotional Video

Brand Awareness:

With video branding a connection is formed, brand logo and colour integration in the video makes the brand more memorable. Along with branding, if you also incorporate the personality, it will let your visitors feel what you represent.

Increases audience Reach:

With rising mobile users, internet and advanced technologies, youtube video consumption rises 100%. With increased screen time audience will grow larger than ever before and continue to offer businesses the highest ROI.

Improves Google ranking

Having a video on the site forces the audience to spend more time interacting with the website. Posting a video in YouTube reaches more people and this helps you to show up on the first page of search results.

Builds trust & credibility

Videos can be made use in multiple ways – embedding Intro, product video, in a website, testimonials into your email marketing campaigns can help build trust among your customers.

Ease Communication

Promotional videos can be educational or entertaining, it brings many forms of communication together (sound, pictures, words) and helps audience easily relate & understand the message being projected. Even a difficult concept can be created as an animated video to bring it to life. They include entertainment, simplicity, and nostalgia to appeal to your audience.

Boost Conversion

75% of videos are said to influence purchasing behaviour and increase conversions. Further consumers who watched how to use a product video have subsequently bought the product.

Reaps great ROI

Even though the efforts & cost we need to deploy for Video production is immense the returns out of this ad format seems to be quite high comparing other form of advertising. According to survey videos have a strong return on investment.

Exceed the Market Competition

Videos can market a Complex message in a simple and best understandable way. This lets business tell brand’s story to consumers and see results lively, imaginarily compare the results with those of the others & prove themselves superior over opponents.

Increases Brand Reach

Videos help gain brand reach when viewer likes and shares in his social Platform. To connect with bigger audience network and to broaden the reach of your marketing campaigns you need to get on creating videos that enhances memory retention and position yourself as an authority in your field.

Enhances PR efforts

Event , Community service videos , testimonials videos, MD speaks video  creates an authentic connection with the public and enhances  your business reputation & helps build within the community.

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